Ubin map

Here's some key locations of Pesta Ubin happenings. And the estimated distance in metres and estimated time to walk from Ubin Jetty.

Ubin Town

Ubin Town and surroundings from NParks website
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A big welcome to you at Ubin Jetty! Here, you can find information and hire vans.
Ubin Jetty and the Big Map of Ubin
A favourite spot for a great selfie on Pulau Ubin!

As you exit Ubin Jetty, in front of you is the Big Map of Ubin, NParks Info Kiosk, Nature Gallery. Also public toilets and the Nature Gallery.(20m, 1min)
Big map of Ubin at the entrance of Ubin Jetty
The Big Map of Pulau Ubin (check out the hornbills!).

As you exit Ubin Jetty on your left, is the 'Taxi Service' area where the van drivers wait for passengers. This is a private area for the drivers. Please do not rest there without first asking their permission.(20m, 1min)
'Taxi Service' at Pulau Ubin
Friendly Taxi Service drivers rest here.

'Taxi Service' stand and vans next to Ubin Jetty
The vans are parked opposite the 'Taxi Service' stand.

Wayang Stage, at Ubin Town (Main Village)(100m, 3mins).
Wayang Stage at Ubin Town
The Wayang Stage dominates the little Ubin Town square.

Assembly Area (200m, 6mins)
Assembly Area, Pulau Ubin
This used to be the village basketball court.
Now it had solar panels on the roof!

Ubin-HSBC Volunteer Hub, Seminar Room and NParks Office (200m, 6mins)
Ubin Volunteer Hub
It used to be the Community Centre of Pulau Ubin.

Jelutong Campsite East (300m, 9mins)
Jelutong Campsite (East) at Pulau Ubin
One of the two site for camping by the sea.

Jelutong Campsite West (400m, 12mins)
Jelutong Campsite (West) at Pulau Ubin
Another campsite a little further from Ubin Town.

Butterfly Hill (300m, 9mins)
Butterfly Hill, Pulau Ubin
Specially planted for butterflies,
with a lookout point at the top of the hill.

Pekan Quarry lookout point (300m, 9mins)
Pekan Quarry, Pulau Ubin
Quarrying used to be a major industry on Pulau Ubin.

Sensory Trail ponds (300m, 10mins)
Kampong from the lily pond at Pulau Ubin

Teck Seng's Place, no. 363B overlooking Sensory Trail ponds (300m, 10mins)
Teck Seng's Place, Pulau Ubin
A restored kampung house, open to visitors.

Outside of Ubin Town (westwards)

From NParks website.
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Jelutong Bridge at Ah Mah's Drink Stall (1km, 20-30mins)
Ah Mah's Drink Stall at Sungei Jelutong, Pulau Ubin
Stop by at Ah Mah's for a chat and a cold fresh coconut!

Ubin Quarry, opposite 'Y U so like dat' signboard (2km, 40mins-1 hour)
Why U So Like That! at Pulau Ubin
Chat with the Uncle who owns the shop, he knows a lot about herbs!

Living Fisher Village No. 286 Jalan Endut Senin (About 2km, 1.5-2 hours) Download directions (pdf)

Ubin Living Lab (ULL) (About 3km, 1.5-2 hours)
Ubin Living Lab

Outside of Ubin Town (eastwards)

From NParks website.
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Chek Jawa (3.3km, 1.5-2 hours) more on how to get to Chek Jawa.
Super high tide on the Chek Jawa boardwalk
Coastal boardwalk at Chek Jawa.

Mangrove boardwalk at Chek Jawa
Mangrove boardwalk at Chek Jawa.

House No. 1, Chek Jawa Visitor Centre, Pulau Ubin
House No. 1: Chek Jawa Visitor Centre.