16 Jun (Sat): Chek Jawa Nature Photographic Outing with the Nature Photographic Society (Singapore)

Located at the northeast coast of Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa is no doubt one of the best intertidal sites in Singapore for nature appreciation and biodiversity conservation.
With its special location and interesting foreground/background, Sunrise at Chek Jawa will also be an unusual experience for most nature photographers in Singapore. To support the ongoing Pesta Ubin 2018 event, Nature Photographic Society (Singapore) (NPSS) is organizing a nature photographic outing to Chek Jawa.

Due to the sensitivity of the habitats, the event is restricted to 12 participants.

Date: 16 Jun (Sat)
Time: 5am - 11am
Meeting Place: Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Website: https://npss.org.sg
Email: npss@npss.org.sg

The activity is free-of-charge, but participants are expected to share cost of transports arranged by organiser, including two-ways boat trips between Changi and Ubin, and van service between Ubin Jetty and Chek Jawa.

Registration is required.

NPSS  is a registered photographic society in Singapore. It was formed in 2000. The Society is made up of volunteers from all walks of life, with the aim of creating an interest in preserving the beauty of the natural world through photography, we welcome every nature and photography enthusiast to join us in this endeavor.

Outing Leaders
Cai Yixiong, Choy Kah Wah and Bhavesh Shukla
Nature Photographic Society (Singapore)

What to bring
Change of clothes; drinking water, food for breakfast, diving shoe, or sport shoe/tracking shoe for intertidal walk; photographic gears, e.g. tripod, cameras, macro lens for intertidal, wide angle lens for sunrise, various filters, black card, etc.

Ethics in field

  • Be considerate to fellow photographers.
  • Do not destroy or damage the environment or habitat where photographic subjects are located.
  • Stay on existing roads, trails, and paths to photograph; otherwise keep habitat disturbance to a minimum.
  • Do not litter in the field. Take nothing but photographs and videos, leave nothing but footprints.

Important Notes

  • Trip leader will inform you of last minute changes to the outing through your contact no. (e.g. change of schedule due to unforeseen circumstance).
  • Please stick to the group for intertidal photography.
  • Please do not explore unknown paths alone or venture too far out of the designated route.

Please read the disclaimer before registering for this outing

Limitation of liability: By participating in the outing, you agree not to hold any member of the NPSS responsible from and against any injuries, damages, claims, actions, loss of personal property or life and any liability of any kind resulting from or arising out of your participation during the course of the outing.

What happened ...

Amazing photos were taken and shared ...

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  1. Is this only for professional photographers? I am only using a Canon PowerShot SX730HS n my iPhone 7+.